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Comic for: June 1st, 2009
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Artwork: "Rock Live"
Posted: Monday June 1st, 2009 by

This little piece of wierd is called "Rock Live". It was my interpretation of going to a rock concert and it was the inspiration for my AP Art Portfolio. I did an entire series of these style images. And there are far better representations of the style. Unfortunately most of the images have disappeared. All I have left are slides and I didn't have a way on hand of scanning the slides. Ahh well. Besides, this piece hung in the High Museum in Atlanta. So, it deserves some credit right?

This image also got me in a bit of a tiff with my high school. Being a Fine Arts magnet school, they choose several pieces from the wealth of senior artwork to honor each year with the "Principal's Art Honors Award". Initially I was flattered because, well, the pricipal hated me. So seeing beyond that to honor my piece was really unexpected. What I found out later was that it also meant the school would keep my original artwork. I immediately started demanding that they take their ribbon back. I wasn't interested in surrendering my work. Ultimately my Art teacher snuck the image out of the building, had a color copy made, and that now hangs in the school. Don't tell anyone though. We'd probably both get in trouble. **rolls eyes**

To sate any curiosity, Rock Live was produced on regular ol' posterboard and the entire series was colored with Crayola markers of all things. The other images were all done on standard printer paper. Yeah yeah, I know. But give me a break I was in high school. The subjects of some of the other works in the concentration were: ants, snowmen, Santa and his elves, aliens, clowns, a video arcade, and Alice in Wonderland.

I revisited the style while I was in college to create a T-shirt image for the school's annual free, rock festival sponsored by the college radio station: Mayhem. If you look at the image you'll probably notice some style elements that made their way into GU some 3 years later.

Now, about that college credit thing.
Like any other AP (advanced Placement) program, I was working to secure college credit by generating work that met all the necessary portfolio requirements. The concentration portion was strong. But, I was never in an AP class. I had a few pieces but everything else was hastily thrown together at the last minute just to flesh out the portfolio. And the vast majority of that work is HORRIBLE. And trust me, I knew that at the time. I was relying on my concentration to pull me through. It did. I got to skip most of the entry level art classes when I entered college.

A note however, skipping all of those art classes didn't change the number of hours I had to complete for my degree. It just meant I had to take harder classes my final year. It may very well have cost me graduating with honors. My final GPA was 3.48, two one hundredths of a point from "Cum Laude". **sighs** Just a precautionary statement for other artists out their considering an AP track.

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