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Comic for: May 29th, 2009
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Artwork: "A.R.T.I.E."
Posted: Friday May 29th, 2009 by

I'm not sure where A.R.T.I.E. came from exactly, but it's one of the earliest images I could find. This particular image would have been somewhere around 1992-93.

At the time I was really interested in making my own comic characters (they were all gritty anti-heroes **grins**) and drawing the various AD&D characters I was playing. A.R.T.I.E. doesn't really fit into either of those groups. And as a matter of representing a time in my artistic life, I should be showing you one of the AD&D guys. But again, this was the earliest image I could find. I honestly think I drew it for the sake of drawing something needlessly complex. Seeing the word "Illegality" makes me think he was supposed to be some kind of cop bot.

Oh sorry I got ahead of myself, you can see the full image here: A.R.T.I.E.
Now you'll know what I mean about the word "Illegality".

So speaking of my AD&D and comic characters, I uploaded a few for you to look at. You didn't get a comic, you might as well get a few things to waste your time on right?

Anyway, when we played, I was the DM most of the time. When I wasn't the character I got to play the most was Jephthan, a 6th Level Human Blade. 27 whole hit points and a Dancing Katana that I had no idea was special.

Then there was Chikthik'ta a Thri-kreen in the Darksun setting. He could speak common, but chose not to. So whenever he "talked" I would shake my bag of dice and let the group try to figure it out for themselves.

I've also got a picture here of three low level characters together in one shot for some reason. That's Abram in the back, Sible the Halfling, and Noemus Irongut. Ahhhh crappy marker and colored pencil, my earliest friends.

I also uploaded one of my comic characters, Fenris. I never really liked the glossy, ken-doll, goodie-goodie comic characters. So all of my "guys" were gritty, anti-heroes. You know... "real". **rolls eyes** Don't give me crap. I was still in highschool durnit. My character development skills weren't exactly swimming in complexity.

--- edited to add ---

If you're wondering why there's artwork rather than a comic, I've been called out of town to help a freind get his new place "baby ready". So, I'll be in massachusetts erecting walls, installing tubs, etc. for the next two weeks. Since I didn't have time to do any comics in advance of the trip (I'm leaving tomorrow) and I won't be able to do comic while I'm there, I'm posting old artwork to give you guys something to look at until I get back.

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