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Comic for: June 10th, 2009
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Artwork: "OddWorld III"
Posted: Wednesday June 10th, 2009 by

Oddworld was one of my favorite games for the longest time. There was a charm to it that intrigued me. I was into reading PSN at the time and they were fond of sharing people's artwork with their readers. So shortly after the release of Oddworld 2, I made this image with every intention of sending it in to PSN. I never did.

The joke, at least in my mind, was in the idea of taking such a soft, simple character like Abe and making him a teched-out baddass for the next version of the game: OddWorld III.

Now, I also did a Breath of Fire III image in the same style, but it's kinda bad so I'll leave it neatly tucked away. At the same time though, I was really into pen work. I have no idea why but here are some examples.

Sophie. I found this photo somewhere by Sophie Elbaz and resketched it in pen.

Drizzt. it may be a bit self-centered, but he's wearing a fantasy outfit I had made for me. **whistles**

Demonologist and Wildmage. Both of these images were based, loosely, on a photos I found. But, I've since misplaced the photos and the end result is so different, I'm not sure I would recognize them if I saw them again.

Interesting sidenote... Taks worked on two Oddworld titles.

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