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Comic for: June 18th, 2009
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Gaming News: "Knee Slapping Funny"
Posted: Thursday June 18th, 2009 by

In an interview with IndustryGamers, Peter Edwards, the head of HGG Development Group (the developers of PlayStation Home), said "It's always been our desire to broaden the appeal of [Home] and ultimately we'd hope it would be a big box shifter for the PS3, where people will actually buy the PS3 so they can get access to Home. I don't think we're there yet, but we think we'll be there before long."
Source: IndustryGamers [ more info ]

Now, I understand that it's kind of this guys job to hype Home, but saying that it will eventually help sell PS3's? Really? Wow. Just... wow.

For those of you not 100% sure what I'm talking about, Home is a virtual world for PlayStation users that let them interact by way of custom created avatars designed to provide a "neutral environment to get to know someone before you make that commitment to add them to your friends list" or so says SCEA's Director of PlayStation Home, Jack Buser. In MMO speak, it's the PlayStation's version of Second Life.

Back on point, the idea that Edwards believes Home will be a "big" PS3 seller just slays me. Yes the PS3 is still looking for that elusive killer app. But I just can't see Home as being "it". It's a complex chat UI with a few mini games tossed in for spice. And where that does have a certain appeal, it's just not a strong enough purpose to move a $400 machine.

Sony if you're listening...
If you really want to move PS3's I've got the perfect Killer App for you. It's called "Price Cut", a clever little application that convinces gamers your hardware isn't overpriced.

Now, before you get grumpy with me and start extolling the virtues of Home, the PS3, and explaining why the system is worth the money please keep in mind... the only reason I don't already own a PS3 is because of cost. I'm not some weird anti-PS3 slapass trolling the internet because I crave the attention my parents never gave me. I'm just trying to get systems in houses the only way I know how... through gamers' wallets. And I just don't think Home is going to do the trick.

Please Note: the comic artwork has been updated from the original after DaxD found a picture for me to base a caricature off of. Thanks DaxD. A video of me correcting the artwork can be found here: GU Live - 20090618. (92 minutes)

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