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Comic for: July 2nd, 2009
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Gaming News: "Serving the Consumer"
Posted: Thursday July 2nd, 2009 by

In an interview with IndustryGamer chief executive of Activision Publishing, Mike Griffith, boldly defended his company's Guitar Hero SKU explosion saying, "the consumer has voted and we've outsold Rock Band four-to-one; we're outselling Rock Band 10-to-1 in Europe. If you listen to the analyst side of things and the Viacom earnings report, it does look like Rock Band is very successful financially. So, you'd have to conclude so far, our business model has served the consumer and shareholders better".
Source: IndustryGamers [ more info ]

You know, I realize that it's part of the job of gaming executives to try to boost their products above competitors by downplaying, or outright bashing the competition. But I'm sick of it. Every time they open their mouths, they push me a little farther away from their offerings. And quite frankly Activision doesn't any more wiggle room left with me.

Guitar Hero may very well be outselling Rock band 4 to 1. But I'd be willing to bet that data extends all the way back to Guitar Heroe's release (well before Rock Band even launched)? I'd also be willing to bet that it doesn't bother to factor in Rock Band's DLC sales. And I have zero doubt this guy doesn't want to talk about the communities surrounding the games.

So where I do agree that their market flooding tactics and IP whoring probably does serve their shareholders better. The sales comparison does not equate to the consumers having "voted" for Guitar Hero over Rock Band. I'd love to watch this guy nom on his foot when Beatles Rock Band hits this September. I hope he chokes on a shoelace... figuratively speaking.

And before you call me a Rock Band fanboy, please keep in mind that I own more Guitar Hero titles, prefer the Guitar Hero Guitars, and if Harmonix starts making comments like this, I'll blast them as well.

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