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Comic for: August 28th, 2009
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Guest Strip: "You Have A Choice"
Posted: Friday August 28th, 2009 by

It's a very rare occasion that a comic (any comic from any site) makes me respond audibly other than a disappointed sigh. This comic got an audible "HA!" from me. And that's probably about as a good a compliment as I can pay a guest strip.

Here's what she had to say about her submission:
Hey Woody, here's another guest strip for you -

I recently started a Horde character in order to play with some friends of mine on a different server. The shortest path to reaching 80 was obviously to skip a lot of leveling by going the way of the Death Knight; and with the lowering of the level required for flight training, that became a priority. Unfortunately, for a true server newbie, gathering up the gold from scratch is still a pretty daunting task. I found that the Horde Auction House was still paying upwards of 1k for the Black Tabby - and since I was now Horde, I could kill the Dalaran Spellscribe with reckless abandon. I hiked over to Ambermill and with a bit of good luck, the Spellscribe was up! However, he only saw fit to drop some crappy green item and no kitty. Needless to say, my Blood Elf DK was enraged and thus went on to slaughter the entire population of the Old Dalaran site. A random Dalaran Summoner, after seeing all his breatheren slaughtered, was kind enough to drop a cat carrier with the Black Tabby when he died. I said "Thank you," to the small population that was still alive, and went on my way back to the Undercity.

Gaef, a friend of mine who decided to do the server jump with me and made a Troll DK, agreed that this was probably one of the better ways to grab some quick cash in order to train in the flight skill. When he visited Ambermill, the Spellscribe was nice enough to drop the kitty for him. I like to think it was because word reached the Spellscribe of what happened to Old Dalaran the last time a DK came around looking for the kitty and he was rude enough not to drop one.



Thanks yet again Stormy!

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