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Comic for: November 26th, 2009
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Dragon Age Origins: "An Honest Mistake"
Posted: Thursday November 26th, 2009 by

This is a Dragon Age writeup so... just assume there will be spoilers in the writeup.

So I'd forgotten all about Flemeth's Grimoire. Then after our dragon slaying discussion a few days ago, I figured it was time to give her another go. See I'd paid her a visit after Morrigan first asked for the Grimoire. Based on my decisions, Flemeth turned into a dragon and owned my ass hard. So when I came back I dropped into my tank-spank & blast strategy and dropped her like a hot rock. She was between the Brood Mother and the High Dragon in terms of toughness for me.

When I brought the grimoire back to camp for Morrigan (realizing too late that there was no continuation to the quest) I found myself jabbering on with Morrigan. I hadn't used her much early in the game, and then dropped her entirely once I picked up Wynne. So I didn't know she was a Shapeshifter. My curiosity piqued I asked as many questions as the game would allow about the ability. Especially since I've been considering it for Wynne.

The moment she mentioned crawling through dark spaces I couldn't even imagine, I got this image of her scampering through the camp in rat form and getting splatted by one of my associates.

All that yammering for such a simple, relatively straight forward comic. I really have played Dragon Age too much.

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