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Comic for: November 27th, 2009
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Dragon Age Origins: "That's Sarcasm"
Posted: Friday November 27th, 2009 by

I didn't get a chance to play Dragon Age as my day was taken over wholly by Thanksgiving activities... eating, watching football, playing Beatles Rock Band, eating again, watching more football. You know, the usual. So, I had to refer back to all the "too much talking" jokes I jotted down relatively early in the game.

One such instance was after saving the Mage's Circle I asked First Enchanter Irving to come back to Redcliffe with me so that I could free the Arl's son from the grips of a Desire Demon.

In illuminating how things would go down, he told me that the Desire Demon wouldn't just attack me that she would "likely engage [me] in dialogue". I let out an audible "DUH." After all the talking up to this point in the game I figured it could very well be a joke from Bioware.

I didn't want to do another "too much jibberjabber" joke but like I said, Thanksgiving got in the way of coming up with something more original. You guys will forgive my illustrated "Duh!" won't you?

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