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Comic for: December 7th, 2009
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Everquest: "Going Back"
Posted: Monday December 7th, 2009 by

I'm trying this new thing with the business of GU. And as part of the idea I'll be focusing on one company's products for the length the campaign. That company will have NO say over the content of the comics or writeups. Nor do they get to choose which of their games I play and comment on. They are paying for the advertising and for me to focus my gaming attention on their products.

That being said...
Because of the history between GU and SOE, I decided to take the idea to them first. It was a 50/50 shot really. We didn't part on bad terms; but, SOE products have been woefully absent from GU for quite some time. So I wasn't sure how they would response IF they responded at all. Well they did and this is the first day. And part of the plan means I'm headed back into EverQuest.

Naturally when I think of SOE products I think of one character before all others: Vhah. He was the face of GU during the EQ years. So if I'm going to try to get back into EQ, that means trying to pick Vhah up where I left off.

So I patched the game a few days ago and fired it up last night. Despite the location in the comic, I popped up in the Plane of Knowledge. Windows were opened all over the UI and I felt entirely lost. I ran around PoK trying to get a sense of myself, giving my memory a kick. The chat was almost foreign. Acronyms I couldn't place, new spells I'd never heard of, and a map that, where not hard to follow, is kind of hard to read.

As I stepped into a Bazaar that was nothing like the Bazaar I remembered, nostalgia kicked in full force. I remember the hand drawn maps, the tight knit community that helped each out with info., the people I played with, the GU that was.

This was IS... my chance to recapture that a bit. I don't regret any of the games I've played in the interim. But this felt like an old suit. Slightly worn from use. It fit just like you remember. But putting it on again felt somewhat awkward.

That being said, there is something missing from my return to EQ: the people. The whole reason the original GU comics ring true with my readers was because most of it was based on things that happened in the game. In a way, the folks in my guild were as responsible for the success of GU as I was. Unfortunately those people are long gone. The guild has been disbanded. So if there are any of you playing, let me know where/when so maybe we can chat it up while I relearn the ropes.

Now if I could just remember where I left off quest/storyline wise.

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