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Comic for: December 8th, 2009
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Everquest: "Armor Upgrade"
Posted: Tuesday December 8th, 2009 by

I logged in last night with Frank's explanations up on the other screen. I figured the only way to really get back into things was to just to throw myself back into the game. So I headed off to the proper hotspot for my level, the Plane of Nightmare. The problem was I couldn't find it. I could see it on my map but I couldn't get to it. I resorted to asking the General Chat channel for help. Now in games I've played recently this would have gotten me berated, ridiculed and made fun of. It was incredibly pleasant to be treated civilly as people actually tried to help me out.

Now, I remember the Plane of Nightmare. I had to go there with a friend that could keep me alive. That fact had not changed, which I quickly learned when I couldn't remember how to auto attack and had to run to the PoK stone.

Yeah, I don't feel great admitting that.

Later that night a tell came through from a guy named Milo. (full name undisclosed to protect his privacy, at least for now) Apparently he and I had grouped for a month or so the last time I was actively playing the game. Milo proceeded to help me out with how to navigate the new Bazaar, insider tips on where to check for armor that had been vendored yet was still probably better than what I had, and he hooked me up with some gear from his bazaar alt.

So that's Milo in the comic there with me. I have no idea if he has a daughter.

I just wanted to pass along another thanks to Milo for all the info and the few bits of gear.
Thanks man.

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