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Comic for: February 18th, 2011
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World of Warcraft: "The Limerick"
Posted: Friday February 18th, 2011 by

This past Tuesday I opened the doors for folks to write limericks about Battle.Net Account Security for the chance to win a free Authenticator from Blizzard. After vowing to select five "winners", I collected all of the submissions, read them several times and came up with the five that spoke to me. Of course what those winners didn't know was that I was going to illustrate the one I considered to be the best entry. **whistles**

Anywho here are the five winning limericks in the order they were submitted.

My password's are hack proof he stated.
Authenticator's just over-rated
His account's now been sold
with 50k gold
and his ego's been somewhat deflated.

by Ralphius

A man took a long WoW sabbatical
Cuz his wife called him "nerdcore fanatical"
5 years to the day
He logged back in to play
But his toons were all stripped most dramatical.

by Aahzman

Security's a tough game, it's true.
Don't wait 'til "it" happens to you.
Strong password protects,
AV software detects,
and code-bearing key-fob helps too!

by Tetsubana

With safety the guild master blundered,
"Is this a key logger?" he wondered,
Much to his dismay,
Just later that day,
His bank and all guild tabs were plundered.

by memnochlv

I used to say "Authenticators are lame."
"Don't need that security for a game."
But then I fell for a scam,
and despite my toon's plans,
now all that he wears is his name.

by Ghesta

Thanks everyone that submitted a limerick. Congratulations to the five winners. I will be PMing you shortly with details on how to receive your prize.

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