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Comic for: April 15th, 2011
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World of Warcraft: "Nope. Not at all."
Posted: Friday April 15th, 2011 by

Whenever a new expansion is released there are bits and pieces of game that get left behind, seemingly untouched by whatever fresh hell the expansion ushers in with it. You can see this clearly in Outland. Other than the various portals to Azeroth disappearing no one seems to have even heard about Deathwing's rampage.

In the real world this is simply a matter of designers and coders having to pick their battles when it comes to deciding what quests, mobs, zones, etc will actually receive attention in the form of updates to their content.

John S. sent me a description of one such instance:
Not sure how often you play Alliance, if at all, but back in WotLK, there's
a quest chain in Grizzly Hills involving a group of trappers seeking to help
the Alliance in the area. Unbeknownst to the Allies, the trappers were
actually worgen, a fact that isn't discovered by the player until he/she is
sent to save a captured soldier. The player and the captive make a daring
escape on horseback while dealing with pursuing worgen.

Last week, I was working on my Worgen fighter and came across this chain.
So picture me, large black worgen (in full fur), releasing this guy from a
cage and hearing him yell at me "Were you bloody bitten!". I'll let you
fill in the punchline response, though in-game I just rolled my eyes and
went with it.

John S.

Thanks John!

RE: Jersey Contest

I stayed up very late last night reading Jersey Contest submissions. And I want to give them one more run through before making my final decisions. I will update this post when the winning two entries have been selected.

Thank you to everyone that participated.


I finally heard back from SwagDog so without further delay here are the two winning entries for the WoW Faction Hockey Jersey Contest Thing:

Winning Entry #1:
Her wavy hair and lovable laugh – not to mention that sinister stare! The day I met this Night Elf Priest, our days began to change. We spoke of ancient Darnassus and noble Stormwind, caring little about other things. For her and I our lives became intertwined – like the roots of that a beast chasing us from our hovel. Be gone I hollered – thrusting myself in the midst, defiant of the unknown peril before us. It stalked us slowly, in our own lands at that! Cautiously I approached, identifying myself as such – noble priest of Stormwind, sons of the great King Varian Wrynn. “Our lives will be one! You will not show your presence here, you face the power of light!” The beast stared back, confused at such words. My hand between itself and my Love, for it was her my last breath would belong. The beast began to pace, snickering, dare I say afraid of the care such a bond could maintain. I could feel her eyes behind me, her hand pulling me back - I turned my head to say, “You are my life, without you I am darkness. For this I will die for!”
submitted by Jason M.

Winning Entry #2:
We are those who face the challenges of Azeroth, and worlds beyond, with unflinching courage and determination. Every path to a new land is a path to glory and honor!

We claim new lands by force of will and might, forging alliances where possible, subjugating when necessary, exterminating when forced. For it is not the meek that shall rule our worlds, but the strong.

We build our cities in concert with the land, letting it nurture us rather than changing it to meet our needs.

We celebrate strength, despise weakness. We embrace both the light and the darkness, using both to our advantage. We honor those who came before us, who wrote our destiny with the blood of our enemies.

We are mighty warriors. We are workers of magical wonders. We are shadows with gleaming blades. We are the living and the dead.

Strength. Honor. Glory.
We are... THE HORDE!
submitted by Aahzman

Congratulations you two.

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