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Comic for: May 23rd, 2011
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Dungeons & Dragons: "Wanting Back In"
Posted: Monday May 23rd, 2011 by

Been a little while since I did a "No" comic; so I thought I'd amuse myself with one. This time I'm using Seamus' presence and Ted's outfit to make relatively clear what the intent was. Ted wants back into the D&D game. Being the author of his personality I would say it has to do with the comics depicting the other players enjoying themselves. But, again being the author of his personality, I know he would lose interest again and we'd be right back in the same situation.

The idea of a person coming into and out of the game isn't new to me. There was a guy my old 2e group went to school with that enjoyed playing with us, but he couldn't be there for every game session. So I would reintroduce him to the group each time he could come play. It was always the same character. For the sake of story telling let's call him George.

The town the main group started in became a a kind of base of operations they would return to each time they finished and adventure. One night they came across someone being mugged in an alley. They beat up the thugs and chased them off saving George. At the end of that night's adventure, which consisted of trying to hunt down the thugs (which in turn lead them to the clues of another adventure), George wandered off.

A few game sessions went by and the adventurers stumbled across a man who had been ruffed up and robbed. He was just off the road as they were traveling to a new location. It was George. At the end of the game session he wandered off again. So from that point on, "beaten and robbed" was how I reintroduced him to the group and at the end of each night he wandered off on his own again. Sure it wasn't the most clever method, but it was funny.

I wonder if the guys all remember that.

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