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Comic for: August 2nd, 2011
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Diablo 3: "Progression"
Posted: Tuesday August 2nd, 2011 by

Recently Blizzard had a media event to release some info about Diablo 3. They didn't invite me, so they can bite my butt.

No seriously...
I was reading about some of the "features" announced at the event and, like DashCat (who I caricatured horribly there on the left), I have some issues. No mods? Don't care. Online play only? I call bullshit.

Yes I understand the value of being able to play the game co-op or even PvP. (Yes, that's an option.) But forcing me to play online sucks. Diablo 3 is the kind of game you're supposed to be able to kick back and enjoy when the cable goes out. But no. Blizzard is hiding DRM behind the assertion that we will want to be able to move our characters back and forth between solo and Battle.Net play. Sure, it's true; some of us will. But I'd still rather be able play offline an move online when need be.

And the auction houses for in-game gold or real world cash? Typically that wouldn't bother me. I just don't care. But Blizzard has fought this kind of things for how long? Now they're saying "If Blizzard doesn't do this system, I'm not so naive to think that [third-party auctions are] not going to happen". When I read that the words magically translate to "Gamers are going to do it anyway, why fight it when we can make money off it".

Let me say again, this is not usually a problem for me. It's only a problem now because it runs 180 degrees counter to Blizzard's previous position.

Your thoughts?

Thanks DashCat for the link and for agreeing to appear in the comic.

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