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Comic for: September 6th, 2011
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Vacation?: "Very Slowly"
Posted: Tuesday September 6th, 2011 by

Well, I'm back. Sure it's a day later than expected but I figured you guys would forgive me if I added a new comic... exceedingly late though it is. To allay any lingering fears, no bears ate me. None even tried.

Given that the area we were in is inhabited by Black Bears, I doubt one even COULD eat me, especially if you consider that black bears are primarily scavengers. They bluff big but rarely actually attack people. As a matter of fact, the most aggressive thing I encountered while I was at the cabin was a rather grumpy squirrel angered by my relative presence near his tree. Read: I was "watering" a tree sprout about 30 feet from him.

While I was on the deck one evening I did hear a 'hrumph' in the woods that sounded too organic to be a vehicle or something from a nearby neighbor. It only happened once and there were no other sounds. So, I doubt severely that it was a bear. Hell it probably wasn't even an animal... just the woods playing tricks on my ears.

And no, we didn't play any HeroQuest. I didn't even take it with me.
I was too afraid a bear would eat it.

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