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Comic for: October 10th, 2011
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Dark Age of Camelot: "Still Smishing"
Posted: Monday October 10th, 2011 by

This morning as I was preparing to begin work on the comic, I saw a link to Tweety's "Ah, Memories" DAoC Tenth Year Anniversary post over at Broken Toys. [more info] After reading it I followed the link the posted to Lum's musing on how it all began. I immediately shifted gears to do a comic about the anniversary. Any excuse to draw Toast again right?

I didn't play much DAoC back then. And all the people that I used to know at Mythic have long since moved to other projects. But it still work dog-piling their servers, right? That is to say, there's a 14 Day Free trial. I think we should exploit it en masse.

Happy Anniversary DAoC!

Confused about the reference in the comic? Here's the DAoC 2 Year Anniversary Comic.

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