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Comic for: October 26th, 2011
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Dark Nova: "Accidentally"
Posted: Wednesday October 26th, 2011 by

Our pal Breandan has produced his own table top RPG called Dark Nova. And like we D&D dorks they suffer their own issues with rolling. Consequences for bad rolls seem somewhat more significant though.

Here's what Breandan had to say about the comic:
This actually happened. The crew of a privateer vessel were hired to do a rescue mission, and did an orbital insertion via a Mauler grav tank. They were attempting to slip into the presidential compound quietly to rescue the diplomat who had been arrested for "espionage", but the pilot made a critical failure on his piloting check. He wound up landing RIGHT on top of President-General Batou, the leader of the military junta ruling the planet, right in the middle of a huge military parade. Hilarity ensued. Ironically, the only KIA was the combat engineer, and they managed to rescue their target, but it kicked off a full-blown war. Oops?

Now, Dark Nova has already gone through a limited print run, but Breandan has an eye toward a national release. He needs help with this however; and, GU likes to support its own. So here's how you can help Breandan with his dream of a national release:
We are seeking to do a second, far larger print run for national distribution, and to that end we have set up a project page on Kickstarter- Dark Nova on Kickstarter - offering folks a chance to pre-purchase the books in both digital and hard cover formats, as well as other rewards.

The GU community has always rallied behind its own members. So, if you can see your way clear to helping the Dark Nova team out, Thanks! I'd appreciate it, and I'm sure Breandan would also.

The Dark Nova RPG is a table-top roleplaying game set in the early 24th century. It is an innovative game with nine races and thirty occupations to choose from. Rather than join in the homogenized D20 market, the DNRPG uses a unique system that hearkens back to the Golden Age of RPGs. With a rich, in-depth setting and a realistic approach to advanced "space opera" sci-fi, the DNRPG creates a world for GMs and players alike that balances fun and adaptability with technology based on real-world cutting-edge theoretical science.
Website: http://www.darknovagames.net

NOTE: GU makes no money off the sale of Dark Nova products. I'm just trying to help out a long time friend of the site.

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