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Comic for: November 11th, 2011
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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: "Lest We Forget"
Posted: Friday November 11th, 2011 by

So today marks the release of the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. But there's more to today than that. Today is also Veteran's Day.

Now I'm not asking anyone not to play the crap out of Skyrim until they can't see straight. But as the comic suggests, I hope folks will take just a few minutes to mark the day, what it means, and who it's for. I'm not going to get all preachy or anything, I tend not to comment on Veteran's Day in the comic. But it just didn't feel right to focus too hard in the Skyrim direction just because today is the day it was released.

Hopefully the comic is suitably epic. I've been working on it for 8 hours. And the entire motivation was to say "hey let's play", but also "hey let's remember".

Happy Veteran's Day!


Fancast members, each of the panels will be shown fullsize in the Fancast Forum sometime tonight or tomorrow.

Folks who have asked for Commissions: I can't guarantee a Christmas delivery date if you don't pay your invoices before this weekend is up.

And for those of you that would still like to get in on the commission action you can get more information about the process here: GU Commissions.

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