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Comic for: December 5th, 2011
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Dungeons & Dragons: "Key Hole"
Posted: Monday December 5th, 2011 by

We found a journal during the previous campaign session that seemed to have some relevance to one of our members. So she "hired" the group to run this side quest to see if the journal paid off. We went. There was some cash, but I didn't see anything special other than that. Maybe we'll learn more about it as we inspect the keep next week.

But the comic, yeah, that happened. The keyhole is a running gag. The Elf usually listens at any door we come across as they are the bane of our gaming existence thus far. He also checks them for traps and asks if there is a keyhole. See in a previous keep crawl he asked if the keyhole in a door was big enough to shoot an arrow through. If it had been, I'm convinced he would have made the shot.

Last night as a group, we almost died. I had my concerns about a room. But went with the group's decision on how to handle it. And issue caused by yet another door... and ranged attacks, and exploding skeletons, and a bottle neck, etc. But we made it. I won't say the DM pulled his punches, but I have my suspicions.

That being said, it was AWESOME.

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