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Comic for: December 30th, 2011
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Gaming News: "The Forums"
Posted: Friday December 30th, 2011 by

Yesterday Anonymous threatened to destroy Sony's network "again" for supporting SOPA, a bill ostensibly designed to stop online piracy but opening the door wide for unmitigated censorship. [more info] But in a news item released today Nintendo, EA, and Sony rescinded their support for the bill. [more info] Personally, I think this is all just coinkydink.

Have no doubt that money has talked when it comes to customers letting companies know SOPA is bullshit. Just ask GoDaddy about the mass migration away from their service when they announced support for SOPA. But, if you ask me, Anonymous was just looking for an excuse to go after Sony again. SOPA fit the bill perfectly. So, with Sony stepping away from SOPA has Anonymous withdrawn their threat? Pshh. No. Sony' Music Division is still on board with SOPA, that's all Anonymous need to justify their actions. I'm eyerolling here if you couldn't tell.

See, I don't trust Anonymous' motivations. They claim to be "hacktivists" fighting the good fight and what not. But we suffer from their attacks as well. Yes Sony paid through the nose to recover from the PSN attack, but how many gamers were left grumbling over the loss of PSN? Is Anonymous telling us they had no other way to attack Sony that wouldn't also punish we the users? **shrugs** Meh. I'll probably never know the answer to that. But it's still worth asking right?


You can find the original post and Poopy Strip here: The cobwebs are a bitch.

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