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Comic for: May 3rd, 2012
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Elder Scrolls Online: "Zenimax"
Posted: Thursday May 3rd, 2012 by

Game Informer revealed their June cover this morning and in so doing revealed The Elder Scrolls Online. [more info] The persistent online world will cover the entirety of Tamriel and is set a millennium before Skyrim. Game Informer says there will be a brief teaser trailer tomorrow morning and the first official screenshot of the game later this afternoon.

So for those of you who are curious, Ted and I are preparing to do some yard work. And while some folks can just go out and enjoy the sun, I have to wrap up like it's winter or become a sunburned mess inside of 10 minutes. One might suggest that exposing myself to the sun more often would improve this situation. Unfortunately for me, this is not true. I burn, peel, get more freckles, and burn again.

Now the reason I decided to set this comic in the front lawn has nothing to do with drawing Ted shirtless. The landlord had our sprinkler system turned back on today before I started working on the comic. With that done, I can start cutting the lawn again without worrying about moisture. And then... a tree limb fell on my power lines. [image]

When I first heard it come down, I thought aliens had invaded and were stomping my yard flat with their giant alien robot walking machines. Looking out the window this proved to be incorrect. I'm currently waiting on the power company to come deal with the situation as it's too big for me to deal with on my own. Every time the wind blows I expect to look out the window just in time to see the power line snap. Fun stuff.


Daily Doodle business is going well. We're to the point now that folks are asking to sponsor things that haven't been drawn yet. Makes me feel good. Like I'm an actual artist or something. **grins** Thanks folks.

If you're interested in sponsoring a Daily Doodle, there are still a few left: Daily Doodles. It's just $40*. I'll ink and color the piece, mail you a one-of-a-kind print, give you a month access to GU Fancast, and put a "sponsored by" not on the image bearing your name.

* Invoice can be paid via credit, debit, paypal, or e-check. Work being ASAP after payment is finalized.

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