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Comic for: June 6th, 2012
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Ticket To Ride: "Duluth"
Posted: Wednesday June 6th, 2012 by

A few weeks ago I was introduced to a game called "Ticket to Ride" via Wil Wheaton's online project Tabletop. It's a railroad game where you lay tracks across the continent beating your opponents by making the longest routes. Unfortunately players are often competing for the shortest city-to-city hops. They could also see where you need to go and intentionally take a hop just to make your route more difficult.

I bought the game on Steam because, well, the tangible game is $50. And I really wanted to see if I liked it enough to consider buying the thing to add to my tabletop collection. Let me go ahead and say... I love it. Besides Draw Something it's the only game I've played in weeks. It's just the right amount of strategy, luck, and backbiting to really appeal to me even if it does make me feel like a "gentleman" out of the early 1900's.

Anywho, if you're interested 'Ticket to Ride' is $9.99 on Steam. Wil Wheaton's 'Tabletop' airs at Geek & Sundry every other Friday.

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