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Comic for: June 27th, 2012
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Woody & Ted: "Survivor"
Posted: Wednesday June 27th, 2012 by

It's hot in my house. Brutally so. You see when we agreed to rent this place, we were told that even though there was no air conditioning unit there were only a couple of days per year where the heat was intense. That... was a complete fabrication. And this year has been far more intense, far sooner, than last year. But the owners won't install an AC and there's no way I'm paying to have a system installed when we're not even certain we'll be here for another year.

Well, we have a portable AC now that helps a lot. And the kiddo has a small window unit that can easily make his room feel like the artic. My office is still blisteringly hot but I'll live. My poor fishes though, their tank is too small to mitigate the brutal temperatures. And when I did their water change a few days ago, the water temperature in the middle of the night was over 90. I was surprised they were still alive. One of them was still swimming like nothing was wrong, but the other was showing some fraying on his fins. I was really worried for him. And, I'm not certain he'll make it.

Since then, I've moved them to a cooler part of the house, taken off the lid to the tank, and have a fan blowing over the surface of the water. It stays impressively cool now for them, and I'm treating the water to help 'his' fins bounce back.

Side note... he doesn't really have eyelids; their inclusion in the comic just help to make him look abit sickly.


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