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Comic for: June 28th, 2012
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Woody & Ted: "Politics"
Posted: Thursday June 28th, 2012 by

Most of you know that, unless it pertains to gaming, I refuse to discuss politics (or religion for that matter) onthis site. It's not because of people potentially disagreeing with my opinion; that doesn't bother meat all. It's because I see a near immediate disregard for other people's opinions ingeneral. And, this is a gaming website; to be frank, this isn't the right outlet for such discussions.

After professing my disinterested in hearing anything more about the healthcare debate earlier today, I was approached by several people asking me for my opinionon the matter. Granted they asked nicely. But, as I told each of them, I do not discuss politics or religion with anyone I haven't sat down to have a meal with. To one of them I equipped that this policy was developed so that I could stab someone in the neck with a fork if they said something I didn't like. Thuswas a comic born.

Now, with people I actually know, I don't shy away from such discussion. But, I know I can trust them to respect my opinion (even if they disagree), not to hold a grudge, and not to judge me too harshly if I let life experiences heavily bias my position. I've seen first hand that this is not the case when it comes to public forums. So, I pick my battles. And, discussing politics on GU is not a battle I'm interested in fighting.


My apologies for this being so late. Internet connection died on mewhile I was typing the writeup. I apologize for any typos as well; all of this text was entered via my Kindle Fire (and the keyboard SUCKS).

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