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Comic for: August 15th, 2012
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Borderlands 2: "At Least"
Posted: Wednesday August 15th, 2012 by

Both of the bubbles in today's comic extend from options I examined for yesterday. But with the topic being "sexism" it felt a bit too on the nose, messing up the feel of the comic entirely. As a stand alone comic however...

So I mentioned yesterday that I was going to reopen the Artist For Sale. Most of you will remember that last month I saw that my advertiser would be paying me less than I need to pay the bills for at least the next three months. Ughh. So I'm going to have to offset that shortfall by loading up on work.

You can access the Artist For Sale Information here: gucomics.com/afs.php I'll be adding the details of the new $50 commission option shortly (added below). I'm thinking of doing some more daily doodles (price change discussed below). If you have asked me for a commission previously, please contact me to remind me. And if you have any specific Daily Doodle requests, I'll certainly consider it.

Thanks as always for the help guys. If the GU community was as large as some of the other webcomic communities out there, we probably wouldn't need advertising dollars at all. I could just sketch pictures for folks all day.

The New $50 Commission:
This is something I've been considering for a while. Basically you send me a picture, of yourself or your character, and I draw it exactly like I would if I were going to include it in the comic. There's no back and forth discussion, no change requests. That would make it a regular commission. When I'm all done, I'll send you the full size version of the finished image. I can't express how much I'd like for this to become a popular option. Sure it takes more than an hour, but it takes a lot of stress off of me, and most people would still get exactly what they were hoping for.

Change to Daily Doodles:
Daily Doodle pricing will drop to $35. The shipping has been a nightmare. Missed, lost, and late shipments have cost me more than the prints are worth. Lowering the price by $5 is basically me removing the cost of the print, the shipping, and a massive headache. Daily Doodles will still come with the "sponsored by" tag and a month access to the GU Fancast.

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