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Comic for: August 23rd, 2012
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Kickstarter: "Self Control"
Posted: Thursday August 23rd, 2012 by

Right now Reaper Minis has a Kickstarter going for a new line of miniatures they call "Bones". They're made of a white polymer that doesn't need to be primed and they cost less than their pewter alternatives. The initial goal was $30,000. The drive is now approaching $ 2Million with 48 hours left. And for a $100 pledge you get 211 minis. Everytime the drive hits another stretch goal Reaper seems to add more freebies to the $100 pledge list. As I told Tas yesterday, at this point you almost can't afford NOT to buy in.

I'm a fan of Kickstarter for projects like this Reaper Bones one. Companies that can afford to pawn off items as pledge rewards at cost are using it to promote their businesses. People who buy in reap the benefits. But crowdsourcing is also allowing the little guy to get his wares out there in front of people in a way that wasn't really possible before. It's an idea that appeals to me.

I personally would like to use Kickstarter to fund a few GU projects. The problem is that the rewards would really only be of interest to people already reading GU. So why should I give Kickstarter and Amazon at least 10% of the raised capital? I could just run a GU-starter and raise the money here since it would most likely be my current fans who funded the project. But... there's that hope that your drive catches on and explodes, allowing it to blossom into far more than it originally was, all while driving new traffic to your site.

At any rate, I'm mentioning the Reaper Bone Miniature project because I think a lot of you would probably be interested in it. Unapologetic nerds that we are. So, I'll wrap up with the link. If you buy in, feel free to tell us what options you went for.

Reaper Bone Miniature Project on Kickstarter

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