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Comic for: December 7th, 2007
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Crossover Comic: "What if... Indeed"
Posted: Friday December 7th, 2007 by

I got an email last night from Steve Napierski, the artist/writer over at Dueling Analogs. I met Steve at this past ConnectiCon. Good guy. I'd invite him over to play Guitar Hero with me anyday.

Anyway, Steve's email was a link to a strip he'd produced for his site that addressed the question "What if Woody Hearn created Dueling Analogs". Steve them proceeded to draw his comic in my style.
Source: Dueling Analogs [ more info ]

For as much as I appreciate Steve's kind words, well wishes, and the tribute to my style, his take wasn't exactly Woody-esque. It was close, but felt more like a tracing of my work. You know... like when you're tracing something some of the line quality and finer detail become somewhat more ambiguous, slightly distorted. So, I felt the need to try my hand at the strip. So this is me drawing in my style a comic that was drawn in my style. Don't think about it too hard though, your brain could spin itself into a singularity or something. And, we don't want that.

Seriously though, nothing personal there Steve. I think you did a fine job and I appreciate the effort to be sure. **grins**

Today's Pimpage: Harvey is wearing a Dueling Analogs "You think just because a guy reads webcomics..." shirt from ZeStuff.Com.

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