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Comic for: September 28th, 2012
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World of Warcraft: "I Choose You"
Posted: Friday September 28th, 2012 by

Initially there were words for this comic. But I realized while I was coloring the strip that it didn't really need any. Graphically it sums up exactly what I think while training combat pets. "Well this is nice, but you're no Pikachu".

Despite the ample number of WoW comics since the Mists release, I haven't gotten to play the game much at all. Such is my schedule. I think I should stop calling myself an illustrator and just put "juggler" on my resume.

The thing I want to do the MOST right now is finish my card game. Start play testing it. I think it's great that Mike over at Penny Arcade is working on a card game too. But, it really frustrates me that I was working on mine before he mentioned his, and he's already go an alpha version and is play testing while all I currently have is the rule sheet, the main card ideas, and a dream.

This is nothing Mike has done wrong mind you. Like I said, I think it's great. I just wish I could get my schedule under control the way he has. Wouldn't hurt to have a full staff like he does either. **grins**

And for those that have asked, yes, I intend to release a free to play version of it. But it'll probably bore your eyes out without all the pretty graphics.

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