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Comic for: October 1st, 2012
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World of Warcraft: "A Different Sad"
Posted: Monday October 1st, 2012 by

In goofing around with Mists, I was frustrated to find that capping Cooking wasn't as easy it had been in the past. But as I drilled down into the system, I realized that this wasn't just a simple "race to 600" cooking process. Nope, Pandaria cooking is broken up into six different STYLES of cooking, each offering different benefits to those consuming the food. It's a little less straight forward and it ties to the new Farming mechanic in odd yet interesting ways.

As a casual gamer I realized these, along with pet combat, are exactly the kind of things that will keep ME playing the game. But that also kind of speaks to gameplay styles. These are mini game mechanics only by proximity to the game they are in. Pet Combat could easily be a stand alone game. And Farming,well... FarmVille. But they're both nestled firmly into WoW itself.

All Blizzard needs to do now is make Cooking function like Cooking Mama and we're set.


You guys know I'm a fan of supporting KickStarter projects so I bring you this one. It's a cooperative zombie survival card game called Quarantine Z. Right now they're at $12,500 of a $15,000 goal with 11 days to go. $15 will get you the 150 card deck. $5 will get you the print-and-play version.

Quarantine: Z on Kickstarter.

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