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Comic for: November 8th, 2012
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Woody & Ted: "Wii U"
Posted: Thursday November 8th, 2012 by

Nintendo's Wii followup console, the Wii U, hits store shelves November 18th. But the various gaming news entities out there are already playing on advance units and seem to be singing the thing's praises particularly the ability to continue to play "off-TV play" enabled games via the controller itself as they get up and move about the house.

Nintendo told us they would change the way we play games when they announced the original Wii. But the Wii U might actually come through on that promise. It's a busy world and being up and moving in front of you TV is going to have no where near as much impact as being able to play your console games from anywhere in your house. That's just my take on it though. We'll have to wait and see.

PS. I think Ted is sour with me blurring the 4th Wall yesterday.

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