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Comic for: November 9th, 2012
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Poopy Strip: "Minecraft"
Posted: Friday November 9th, 2012 by

About a week ago, I was looking for a program to help the kiddo with his reading. Something interactive. Something fun. While I was reading about different options, I stumbled across an article about how Minecraft was being used in schools to help with all manner of subjects. (Not reading though.)

I've avoided Minecraft for a long time now. Mostly because of the overly simplistic graphics. But also because I didn't see "the point". Curiosity finally got the better of me though when, in a separate article, I read that CES had given Minecraft an award for it's education applications. I figured, since the kiddo loves Lego, this game might be worth a shot. So I fired up the demo.

I can see now why so many people adore the game and part of it is because of its overly simplistic graphics.

Notch, when you read this (because Notch seems to read everything on the internet), Send me some keys. I'd like the family to be able to play together.

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