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Comic for: November 26th, 2012
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Woody & Ted: "Don't Ask"
Posted: Monday November 26th, 2012 by

So... it's Cyber Monday apparently, a buyer's holiday infinitely more suited to my particular interpersonal hangups. (I "hate" people, particularly crowds of them.)

I have to admit though, I haven't looked around much this year. I just don't want to drool over things I know I can't buy. Better to not even be tempted. I looked at the last day of Steam's Autumn Sale as part of a joke idea and knew that was enough. There's a nest of good games just begging to be purchased. But my wallet mocked me and my sense of "must pay bills" kicked in.

I am good however at living vicariously. So please feel free to amaze us with the incredible deals you got between Friday and today. Folks with christmas lists and money will probably appreciate it.


Artist for Sale. I've already been harping on the AFS for a bit. So you guys already know the deal. If you'd like to put me to work, I'd love to entertain your whims.Once we get past December 1st though, it's going to be exceptionally difficult to promise a finished piece before Christmas.

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Oh, and I started doing Daily Doodles again. Right now I don't really have any old ones left, but keep a look out on the GU Facebook page to see what's coming up next. I do have "Cooki" (Cookie + Loki Mashup) if anyone is interested. Today's daily doodle will likely be posted sometime tonight after 6pm (GMT-7).

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