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Comic for: November 27th, 2012
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Woody & Ted: "Focus"
Posted: Tuesday November 27th, 2012 by

So, I was linked to an article today about a significant change being made to Superman's costume in the upcoming Superman movie reboot "Man of Steel". Seems Supes is losing the red bloomers, and not the New 52 costume with the red belt drawing attention from his crotchular area. Nope, blue textured scuba suit with no flashy red briefs to distract you from his superjunk.[more info]

There has been some contention that superhero movie costumes always look bad in still photos. And, I don't completely disagree. But this is a matter of design leading a viewers focus. In a skin tight suit that looks painted on, a significant variation in otherwise flowing lines becomes a point to which the human eye gravitates. It's part of the survival mechanism built into our brains that helps keep us alive. Not that we should feel threatened by blue-clad, Kryptonian dangle, but you get the idea.

Package ignored, I can't say I like the look. I dig the fine mail pattern you can see on the Man of Steel website. But there really does need to be something there to visually break up the top half of the costume from the bottom. Belt, briefs, "I <3 Batman" tattoo, I don't care. Just... something.


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