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Comic for: November 28th, 2012
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Gaming News: "#1ReasonWhy"
Posted: Wednesday November 28th, 2012 by

Women gamers and women in the gaming industry. It's becoming a hot subject because of rampant "boys club" sexism in our cultural subgroup. In the last few months mistreatment of and lack of consideration for women in the game world have come into the spotlight, deservedly so. [more info]

Today we're introduced to two incredibly relevant hashtags. #1ReasonWhy is meant to serve as a sounding post for why sexism in the gaming industry needs to be addressed. #1ReasonToBe serves not as a counterpoint but a rallying cry, examples of why women should get into the gaming industry.

Initially I was going to discuss GU's role in all this. But it's not about me or "Ted". I don't want to distract from what's important here: open honest discussion about the problem and how to make it better. Please keep in mind this isn't JUST about the treatment of women working in the gaming industry. This is also about the treatment of women who play games.

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