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Comic for: February 25th, 2013
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Dungeons & Dragons: "Put It Away"
Posted: Monday February 25th, 2013 by

My pal Dripnote (the one behind the DM screen) has instituted a new policy at his sessions where monsters get a +2 bonus while you have your smart phone out. And, I absolutely love it. It's not an issue that I've felt I needed to address at my Friday night game. It's pretty rampant on Sunday nights. I don't DM that game though. The guy complaining is my other pal Dubble J. It's worth noting that he is NOT a smart phone offender. But other folks have appeared in the comic so it was J's turn.


We've got less than 2 weeks on the indie gogo campaign. But it's still in my best interest to mention it until time runs out. We're unlikely to hit the goal, but all of the perks are valid. So even if it doesn't fully fund, you get your goodies. For most people that means a discount on 3 month and 12 month Fancast subscriptions. But for the truly dedicated it means original artwork, chances to appear in the comic, etc. So if you've got some cash laying around and you want to support GU's effort to go ad free, I'd appreciate it.

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