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Comic for: February 22nd, 2013
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The Zapper!: "To Slaughter"
Posted: Friday February 22nd, 2013 by

Magazine publisher and "digital media company" Ziff Davis bought out IGN earlier this month, and -as of yesterday- decided to shutter IGN subsidiaries 1Up, Gamespy, and UGO. Now, I've not read UGO in a decade and I've not been to Gamespy in even longer. But, 1Up is one of the few gaming news sites that I keep in my personal News Feed. And they closing down those three sites so they can "ensure the continued growth and health of IGN and AskMen". [more info] Ugh, one month between parent company being purchased and subsidiaries being closed. Lambs to the slaughter.

What bothers me here is that I've avoided IGN for years, ever since their game review policies came into question as scores seemed to be tied closely to advertising dollars. Now they're the big dog, still alive and kicking. It'll be sad to remove 1Up from my news feed. But... times are tough. And I'm sure 2 three character domain names will fetch a pretty penny.


I'm going to mention this again because Mark's deadline with the Girl Scouts is quickly approaching.

A friend of the site has asked for help. His house was burglarized and among the things stolen was nearly $700 that belonged to the girl scouts and 19 cases of cookies. Now initially a good samaritan had offered to pay for all the replacement cookies and send them overseas to the troops. But as the payment deadline approached a personal issue forced the good samaritan to back out. That's where you guys come in.

Our pal Mark currently has 12 cases of Somoas, Thin Mints, and Tagalongs left. (One case contains 12 boxes of cookies.) He's absorbing some of the cost himself and offering the cases at $42 each. (A $6 discount.) If you would like to buy a case and have it mailed to you, it would be an additional $20 shipping (continental US). If you want to send the case to troops in Afghanistan it's no additional charge.

The 25th is when the Girldscouts need the money for the replacement cases ($912).

If you're interested, you can contact Mark at: mark@housephoenix.com for details. Or if you'd just like to make a donation to help the girl scout troop out, they've set up a paypal account for just such generosity: sierens.angela@gmail.com

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