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Comic for: February 20th, 2013
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Dungeons & Dragons: "Shhhh!"
Posted: Wednesday February 20th, 2013 by

There are times when you roll number to hit that you're positive that will hit. But, you're so caught up in the math of it all that it doesn't matter, you just have to put the final number out there. And there are other times where you just have to torture the other players at the table. The Shushing Game is a popular one around our wooden plank. Faces, shirts, phones, even character sheets get "shushed". Now, our DM did say "you had me at thirty". But it was a completely innocent comment. The Shushing is the image that popped into my head when he said it. I am certain though, that he will appreciate having a permanent shooshing game win on the internet though, especially at the expense of one of our other DM's. Ahhh good times.


While we're all here...
A friend of the site has asked for help. His house was burglarized and among the things stolen was nearly $700 that belonged to the girl scouts and 19 cases of cookies. Now initially a good samaritan had offered to pay for all the replacement cookies and send them overseas to the troops. But as the payment deadline approached a personal issue forced the good samaritan to back out. That's where you guys come in.

Our pal Mark currently has 9 cases of Samoas, 4 cases of Thin Mints, and 7 cases of Tagalongs. (One case contains 12 boxes of cookies.) He's absorbing some of the cost himself and offering the cases at $42 each. (A $6 discount.) If you would like to buy a case and have it mailed to you, it would be an additional $20 shipping (continental US). If you want to send the case to troops in Afghanistan it's no additional charge.

The 25th is when the Girldscouts need the money for the replacement cases ($912).

If you're interested, you can contact Mark at: mark@housephoenix.com for details. Or if you'd just like to make a donation to help the girl scout troop out, they've set up a paypal account for just such generosity: sierens.angela@gmail.com

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