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Comic for: March 6th, 2013
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SimCity: "Ted's Point"
Posted: Wednesday March 6th, 2013 by

A one point I considered "online only" a marginally acceptable form of DRM. But then you encounter queues to play a single player game and you start to lose your cool. That's in no way acceptable. EA is learning that lesson because of the backlash it's causing with the SimCity release. There have been reports of up to 30 minute waits times to play. [more info] But then again, a lot of people are frustrated about a lot of issues they have with the game. [more info] You know... I'm getting a sense of deja'vu. **coughs**diablo III**coughs**

I meant to mention this in Monday's writeup...
I've added a "Random" button to the navigation below the comic. It will take you to a random comic in the archives. The people that have played with it really seem to be enjoying it. And, it has the awesome side benefit encouraging more page views. So please, make use of it and post your favorite random comic here! Also, you might notice the double down arrow before "Home" in the top navigation -above- the comic. This will pop out a menu of other pages here at GU. A lot is still missing after the BFE Network hack. But they'll show up in this list as I re-add them.

And finally, we're down to HOURS on the GU Ad Free project at IndieGoGo. We got closer to the goal than I thought we would. Now if we could land just ONE corporate sponsor, we'd fully fund. That's pretty awesome. At any rate, here's the link:
GU Ad Free @ IndieGoGo

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