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Comic for: March 8th, 2013
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SimCity: "Say Again?"
Posted: Friday March 8th, 2013 by

In response to wednesday's comic, several forum users suggested that I make a comic showcasing EA ignoring gamer complaints about SimCity while counting their money. I figured what the hell, and put my own spin on the idea. So there you go forum users.


As of the time this writeup was posted the GU Ad Free campaign at IndieGoGo has 10 hours left to go and we're only $150 from $10K. I tried desperately to get a corporate sponsor in there to make project fully fund, but... well... no bites.

As an added bonus, if we top $10,500 I will start getting artwork converted to finally begin work on a GU: Year One coffee table book. All of the comics have to be recreated at a print ready size (rather than internet resolution). I'll keep you guys updated.

Here's the link:
Gu Ad Free @ IndieGoGo

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