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Comic for: April 3rd, 2013
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Deadpool: "One of Forty"
Posted: Wednesday April 3rd, 2013 by

With development on the 'Deadpool' complete Activision has decided to lay off a large portion (40 people) of the staff from High Moon Studios, the San Diego based studio working on the game. [more info] It seems I'm hearing this more and more lately and it frustrates me to no end. The entire game industry could start shedding incredible talent because the job situation is too volatile to be tenable. I guess there's always the possibility that this will cause the number of indie outfits to spiral up significantly, and that could be a good thing. It still sucks to see people do their jobs, and do them well, only to be rewarded with unemployment.

Sorry folks from High Moon! I hope the game makes you proud at least and your next employer treats you better.

Updated: The bad news just keeps rolling in. Disney has cancelled development on all of Lucas Arts' current games and as many as 150 staffers are now out of work. Square Enix has announced layoffs at their LA office as well. **sighs**


Speaking of indie development...
A friend of an acquaintance (as these things often go) is trying to Kickstart a 'lane defense' game called Niftymancer. He's currently at just over $5000 of the $40,000 he's asking for with only 7 days left on his campaign. If we're going to pull this one up by its boot straps we're going to have to move quickly.

There's a Free playable Demo here:

If you dig it, jump into the Kickstarter.

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