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Comic for: June 24th, 2013
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Dungeons & Dragons: "Unarmed"
Posted: Monday June 24th, 2013 by

In attempting to secure troops to combat a growing pirate army, we ran into a city of elves whose ruler had stolen the throne on which he sat. When Thunk killed the human psion Regdar (not of his own volition) the psion was replaced by an elf whose family the throne was stolen from. Those family members were being held and it became our job to free them. Unfortunately the DM is telling his story each week to a table full of snarky asshats, such as myself. So when he said "unarmed"... you get the idea.


If you're tabletoppers, you've probably been forced to come up with clever ways to mark your figures with different conditions. We use one inch by one inch colored glass tiles. But they're a bit slippery and don't move with your figurines easily enough. So where the colors are effective for keeping track of what's going on, that's really where their usefulness ends. Enter Alea Tools' magnetic markers. Put a little magnetic circle on the bottom of your piece, add on colored markers that match the conditions affecting that piece, easily pick up the piece and move all of the markers with it. Cool idea.

Well right now Alea is running a Kickstarter to add new colors to their assortment. There's only 3 days left, but they're WAY over funded. So you're really just be buying in. I haven't done the math so I don't know what kind of deal you're getting via the Kickstarter. But, these are things that have been on my gaming wishlist for a while, so I figured I might as well mention/support them. So here's a link...

Alea Tools: Magnetic Status Markers Color Boost

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