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Comic for: June 26th, 2013
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Gaming News: "RUN!"
Posted: Wednesday June 26th, 2013 by

The first MolyJam (which Peter Molyneux supported) tasked developers to create games based off of the tweets of a mock Molyneus twitter account. This year, MolyJam participants are being asked to create games based on things Peter has actually said. I've given Molyneux so much crap over the years for hyping games and being able to live up to his claims, that this was a headline I simply could NOT pass up. 'Molyjam Deux' will run from July 5-7 developers have 48 hours game jam to create a game based on Molyneux interview quotes. [more info] These 60 nuggets of unmitigated awesome (I may be exaggerating) can be found on Molyjam Deux website: HERE.

Heart your face Peter. Gimme a call; we'll do lunch.


There a little more than a day left in the Alea Magnetic Markers Kickstarter. If you interested in throwing money at their project there's still 29 hours left (as of the time of this post). Here's the link:

Alea Tools: Magnetic Status Markers Color Boost

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