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Comic for: August 26th, 2013
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Double Dragon: "Burger"
Posted: Monday August 26th, 2013 by

I guess Annie was serious about that burger. Which of course means? No game.

It's always disappointing when we don't get what we want. Which brings me to the story of the time I threatened to kidnap R.A.Salvatore. It goes like this:

Mythic invited me out to Las Vegas to demo Warhammer Online and what ever new thing had been added to Camelot. I was at a table with the rest of the gaming press. R.A.Salvatore was the keynote speaker. This was a curiosity to those of us at the press table because it had been announced a few months earlier that he had been hired by 38 Studios (Green Monster games at the time) to write for their new MMO project. It seems like a conflict of interest to serve as the keynote at another studios fan festival. At any rate, he had dinner at our table. We all talked and laughed. He kept telling us to call him Bob. Though, none of us seemed to be able to.

Fast forward a bit and Mythic was hurrying him along for other things they had planned. While he was away, we in the press core (his son -a fan of GU- still at the table) joked about how we were going to bribe him to tell us about the 38 Studios project. This eventually lead to the assertion that we should just kidnap him, restrain him with our belts, throw someone's laptop bag over his head, toss him in the trunk of a rental car, and drive him out to the desert to get the info we needed. We all laughed and I quick sketched a picture of Salvatore laying bound with a bag over his head.

A bit later we gathered in a big circle, still laughing and talking. "Bob" returns and it's just us bantering away until his son sells us all out, begging me to tell the story. In the most non-fanboy act I've every done, I complied. Told the story while Salvatore listened. And as I was finishing up I hear "He's even got a picture, show him the picture". Annnd... I did.

Now, I don't know that Salvatore remembers me or even my drawing, though his son assured me that he had it at his desk at 38 Studios for a while. But, I bet he remembers the time a bunch of journalists joked about kidnapping him in Las Vegas.


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