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Comic for: September 2nd, 2013
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Emerald City: "Moving"
Posted: Monday September 2nd, 2013 by

We've all romanticized a move. It's natural. In our head there's this picturesque setting: birds are singing, the sun is smiling, the trees waving you in to a better existence. Then someone steals your lawnmower because you forgot to lock it up before crashing on an unmade mattress after packing, moving, and unpacking again without any sleep. This kind of idealism isn't limited to moving though. It often happens when we're visiting a place for the first time. There's this postcard expectation. Then you make that last turn from the highway and realize the postcard is a big, fat f@#king liar.

Believe it or not, this most often happens to me in reverse. My expectation is a dreary mess where happiness goes to develop a heroin addiction. But in reality, it's nowhere as bad as I thought, even though someone stole my lawnmower while I crashed on an unmade mattress after after packing, moving, and unpacking again without sleep. I did this with New York. Which I loved in the end and didn't want to leave. I also didn't give Denver a fair shake before I moved here. Now, I've adopted the local sports teams as my own. I'm pretty sure that's how most people come to see a place as "home" right?

Washingtonians, please don't take this comic as harsh criticism. The one time I visited Seattle (for a week) it only rained once, and I worked in an office with a window pointed out at Mt. Rainier. If the situation was right, I'd move to Seattle in a heartbeat. I enjoyed my week there. And I hope that I do the city justice as I revamp the comic to center on Ted's life there.

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