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Comic for: January 22nd, 2014
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EverQuest Next: "Dirty"
Posted: Wednesday January 22nd, 2014 by

So I was reading about EQ Next Landmark yesterday and quickly found myself wrinkling my nose. I love the idea of laying claim to a piece of land and making it your own. I even like the idea of other players being able to tour the plot as I've made it. The wrinkled nose comes from the notion that people can walk around my claim without my permission. I can "hide" them, so that I can't see them. But I can't deny them access. It kind of flies in he face of the idea of this plot of land being "mine". I know it's just a non-existent piece of digital space, but other people, that I don't know, stomping around my piece of non-existent digital space... makes me feel dirty.

Sure the game hasn't released, so things -will- change. There's a strong chance that there will be more filters. I may be able to hand pick who gets to come onto my virtual property. But, I can say this... it doesn't matter. I want to play it "dirty" little trespassers or not.

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