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"Bobby Ewing" - discuss
Comic Type: Pantheon | Posted: Friday January 24th, 2014 by Woody - [ Size: 720x750 ]
I'll admit that I enjoy writing about Ted. But during my hiatus I came to realize "that's not what GU is". He completely deserves his own comic, I'm not going to deny that. Ted is awesome. But GU... GU is about games (for the most part). It's about nerd culture. It's not a story line. There is a bit of canonical consistency to it, sure. But again, I don't think it's any more relatable to Joe Average that finds himself on GU from a facebook link than the original comics being about a zone you hadn't been in, a game you hadn't played, or a new article you hadn't yet read.

Because it is so representative of -me-, GU changes with my whim. And I think to be true to the spirit of the comic here near its potential end is a more honest endeavor. I'd like to see number climb back to what they were. I don't expect it. So yeah... back to comics about games with me.

So yeah, I'm back. Rededicated. Still looking for a job so I can stop dealing with advertising. But I'm here. Thank YOU guys for sticking with me. Now I just need to get you guys participating on the forums again.

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