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Comic for: February 27th, 2015
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Tribute: "...And Prosper"
Posted: Friday February 27th, 2015 by

Star Trek the original series wrapped 5 years before I was born. The subsequent years of rebroadcasts were formative though. The show is hard for me to watch now because the actuality can never quite live up to my nostalgia-laden memories of it. All nostalgia aside though, Leonard Nimoy's Spock made a huge impression on me. When I was young it was hard to understand the value of pure logic over raw emotion. And of course I don't believe logic has more value than emotion now. But, applying logic before emotion overwhelms you... that is a crucial part of who I am.

I was sad to hear of Leonard Nimoy's passing this morning. [more info] It turned me on my childhood ear.
I never met the man. But, I'll miss him.

Live long, and prosper.

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