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Comic for: April 22nd, 2015
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Guitar Hero Live: "Emotional"
Posted: Wednesday April 22nd, 2015 by

Okay, before you point and laugh, I do not tend to get all misty eyed at random internet crap. Something has to really resonate with me, I have to be able to identify with it on a deep personal level. That exact thing in mind, I scrunched my face up with Polygon slapped the following header on one of their articles:
"Did you plan to cry today? The trailer for The Little Prince movie doesn't care".

The article linked to a trailer for the upcoming animated "Little Prince" movie. I watched it, expecting at least a little something. Maybe a bit of 'first fifteen minutes of Up'-level lip quivering. Nope. Nothing. I mean, I'm not exactly a hardass. I've gotten all up in my tear ducts watching those damn "We found this dog living in trash, look at him now" videos. I thought it was delightful and artsy. But, No part of me thought "you should cry right now". Am I alone in this?

That being said, right below that article was a link to Jamie Hackson, the Creative Director and Studio Head for Freestyle Games, talking about Guitar Hero Live, Guitar Hero TV, and the new MadCat created, plastic Guitar peripheral. No I didn't weap. But, I love their new 6 button configuration. I don't know that I'll actually buy another Guitar Hero game, but I do think it's worth recommending you guys go and have a look for yourselves. Here's the Article:
"Behind-the-scenes video shows Guitar Hero Live's new controller in action"


Sidenote: The background in today's strip took me longer than the rest of the comic. Priorities Woody. Priorities.

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