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Comic for: April 21st, 2015
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GU Comics: "The Funk"
Posted: Tuesday April 21st, 2015 by

I knew something would come to me eventually. Or... well... NOT, as the case may be.

I went through so much gaming and nerd culture news the last two days, scrounging for something that spoke to me. And, as you can tell by my "Meh Hole", nothing did. I watched the Jurassic World trailer and my eyes rolled so hard I couldn't see straight for nearly 15 minutes. I didn't Meh so much as just straight out Ughhed and moved on. Watched the Batman vs. Superman trailer, wrinkled my nose and immediately relegated it to "Redbox Rental". That means I'd have to be paid, considerably, to go see the thing in the theater. Same was true of the new Fantastic 4 trailer. Then there was all manner of article about video games that should have grabbed me: Star Wars Battlefront, Rock Band 4, Mortal Kombat. Nothing. Stan Lee and Steve Wozniak starting a Silicon Valley Comic Con? Never been to SDCC why does this impact me?

I think the problem was that I nerded out so hard over the new Episode VII trailer that there was no more giveafuck left in me. I geeked myself into a rut.

I've got a handful of new miniatures coming in and I'm hanging the swings for theBoy's playset today... I should be back to form for tomorrow's comic.
Or WILL I? Dun dun dunnnnnn! Tune in tomorrow to find out! /50sannouncervoice

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