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Comic for: May 4th, 2015
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Star Wars: "May the Fourth"
Posted: Monday May 4th, 2015 by

It amuses me that fans have latched onto "May the Fourth" like it's a Star Wars Holiday. My twitter and facebook feeds were loaded with May the Fourth stuff all morning. It amuses me more that retailers have capitalized on the "holiday" by offering sales and discounts on Star Wars merchandise. Amazon has a page dedicated to it just as the would Black Friday deals. But, me personally? It's just anther Monday.

Now this isn't meant to diminish it for anyone else. I think it's great that Star Wars fans are so dedicated to the movie that they're willing to jump at any chance to celebrate. I just happen to be a fan that doesn't need an excuse. I'm ready and willing to celebrate Star Wars any day I get the wild urge to do so.

"Sir is there any particular reason you're wearing a Storm Trooper helmet?"
"It's Monday."

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